We love growing flowers. They make people so happy! We grow over 70 varieties, in all colors and shapes (all certified organic). In addition to selling mixed bouquets at farmers markets, we love to provide flowers for special events such as weddings.

Our services range from full service weddings or dinner parties to selling buckets of loose flowers for do-it-yourself arranging. If you are planning an event, buying buckets of flowers from us can be a wonderful alternative to working with a florist. It'll save you lots of money, and you can have all the fun of arranging the flowers, which you'll find is really easy when you're starting with such a beautiful product.  Our flowers are fresher than anything you can get from a florist, and locally grown flowers are a much greener option than buying flowers that have been shipped thousands of miles.

Some things to keep in mind about working with us:

-If local, seasonal and seriously fresh flowers are are your priorities, that's what we do best
-If you are concerned with your event's carbon footprint or looking into "green wedding" options, that's what we do best
-We are a diversified farm, flowers are just part of what we do and, so far, we are only growing annual flowers, so no roses, lilies or hydrangeas.
-Flowers, like food, are seasonal. We don't have flowers all season and we don't have all the varieties that we grow all the time.
-We are not a full service florist. If you've had a dream for what your wedding will look like since you were twelve, you should call a florist, they can make that happen.

If you are interested in working with us on flowers for your event, give us a call or send us an email, and we would be happy to talk to you about options, pricing, and seasonality. -Hannah and Ben