Many people ask how we chose our farm name and, especially now that we've started farmers' markets, we get a lot of theories from those who are curious. They range from logical, "you must have a pond at your farm," to misguided, "You guys, like, farm naked?" Yeah buddy, you wish. The fact is Hannah and I both have world class farmers' tans and we're really not that comfortable with nudity, especially our own, in public.

Here's a list of reasons we chose our name, in no particular order:

The name was an attempt to have fun and hopefully have a built in reminder to keep things light. It's hard to take yourself too seriously if you say, "Skinny Dip Farm," every time you pick up the phone.

Hannah and I love to backpack, which we don't do so much now that we're farming full time. We've been to some beautiful bodies of water in the wilderness that needed to be jumped into. And you don't pack in a bathing suit.

We wanted a name that would stick out in the marketplace that people would remember. At a farmers' market many of us vendors have a lot of the same thing. We try to stand out with outstanding quality, but a catchy, memorable name that makes you chuckle sure can't hurt.

We wanted to capture the best, most fun parts of summer in a name. To me, skinny dipping implies that you are in a beautiful, secluded place, with people you know and trust, it's a hot day or warm night, the water is refreshing and you feel free.

Glacial run off in Olympic National Park, WA. Skinny dipped.