Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Chicken Experiment

Ben bringing the box of baby chicks to their new home. Yes, they are shipped in a box through the mail. And yes, the box is in fact labeled baby chicks, and it makes lots of "cheep cheep" noises.
Day one in thier new home. These little fuzz balls are about 48 hours old. So cute! They're running around at full speed already.
Here's one of those fuzz balls about 8 weeks later. They were loving life out on pasture. They were little eating machines, filling up on grass and insects, organic grain, and lots of veggies. Their favorites were tomatoes and melons

     That first bach of birds is done now, turned into meat in our chest freezer.  (Delicious! and for sale. So let us know if you want some). We have a second batch of 50 birds, almost 4 weeks old now, on pasture. Raising chickens has been a fun experiment so far. We've learned a lot including
We're not gonna make much money raising chickens. Chickens grow ridiculously fast! About as fast as a head of lettuce, which seems totally crazy.

We really like having animals around. They're way more entertaining than TV.

(Sorry for the dated post--we had trouble getting this one up and running. That second batch is now also in the freezer, sent off to slaughter just hours before hurricane Sandy came to town. Different breed, different temperament, still delicious.)