Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's spring already, and we never even posted pictures from last Fall. We ran into some technology issues that kept us from downloading pictures for several months (easily solved by a $6 universal card reader, but still causing months of delay). So here's a quick visual catch up of the past several months:
Late October Market. One of the few times we got to do a market together. Woohoo!

Lower field in November

The great wall of carrots in our cooler in December. (those are 25 lb bags). We just sold the last of them last week (late March).

Luckily they were really excellent carrots.
We got to trial this bike powered root crop washer that our friend Lu Yoder designed and made. Pretty awesome! You can see Lu's Youtube video on it if you want to see it in action.

Real winter hit the farm in February... and stayed till the end of March.
This is the cute little greenhouse we built behind our house to hold seedlings. It's getting pretty full at this point, time to transplant some seedlings into the fields.

But our big project this winter was a much bigger greenhouse. We were hoping to have it up by Thanksgiving. ...ha ha ha... We're just finishing now (late March).

We're pretty excited to have a big covered space. We're also excited to wrap up this project so we can fully focus on growing food again. We're better at farming than we are at construction! And It's planting season again.