Summer 2024 Farm Credit

 2024 farm credit 

Maybe you want to support, and be involved with or farm, but want more flexibility than a box CSA offers. Or maybe you want to shop the farmers market every week, but hate carrying cash. For you, we offer Farm Credit Pre-purchase Skinny Dip Farm credit that you can use on our online store (this spring), or at the Westport and Plymouth Farmers Markets (this summer). 

Here's the idea: write us a check now, to pre-buy credit that you can use to purchase vegetables any time in 2024. You choose how much credit you would like to purchase.

... and yes, we do want you to pay by check or cash. Part of the benefit of this system is that we don't lose 3% to credit card fees. 
Where and when can I use my credit?

You can use your credit to shop from our online store this spring and fall (from now-end of May and starting again in October). We will not be operating our online store during the summer of 2024, but any balance you have remaining will still be available in the fall. 

You can also use your credit to shop in-person at the Westport Farmers Market 
(Saturdays June through Early-October)

Or at the Plymouth Farmers Market (Thursdays 2:30-6:30 Mid May-Oct)

You choose when to use your credit. Only around for part of the summer... no problem!

Your veggie credit is good during 2024
                            Do I get any bonus dollar value for pre-paying for credit?

No. (sorry). Because of inflation increasing our costs of operation, and because we are trying to minimize the amount that we need to raise prices, we are opting not to offer any "bonus" credit for pre-paying. We truly appreciate when folks choose to pre-pay for some credit, as it is a huge help with our spring cash crunch. But we are not offering any "bonus" value. If you would like to get some bonus value for your food dollars, check out our box CSA option

I don't want to pre-pay, or I don't have the money now, what are my options?

No problem
You can continue to use our online store (pick up  Saturday) or shop us at the Westport or Plymouth Farmers Markets, and pay each time. We will still accept credit card, cash, check and EBT as always. 

I Like the old box CSA model, is that still an option?

Yes! We are still offering a box CSA for folks who like it. Maybe you want to skip the line at our Farmers Markets, or maybe you like the culinary challenge of cooking with whatever we decide to give you... If you want to know that a box of vegetables will be ready for you every week, you can still sign up for our box CSA. We plan to offer Thursday pick up in Little Compton and Plymouth. 

How do I sign up?

Just write us a check or give us an envelope of cash. 
Checks can be mailed to 85 Willow Ave Little Compton RI 02837

or drop cash or checks in the drop box in our driveway on veggie pickup days (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) this spring. (at 85 Willow Ave Little Compton)