Skinny Dip Flowers

Our practices:

Skinny Dip Flowers are certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. We prioritize keeping our flower crops pollinator friendly, limiting even the use of organic pest control methods that have potential to harm pollinators and other beneficial insects. *

We are passionate about providing sustainably grown flowers to the Southcoast. You can find our flowers, when in season, at local farmers markets (Plymouth and Westport MA) or through ordering DIY buckets. We also offer full-service wedding/event design.

DIY Buckets

Our DIY buckets are a great way to get fresh, affordable, local blooms for your event and are a much greener option than buying flowers that have been shipped thousands of miles. These design-your-own buckets are packed full with a beautiful mix of focal flowers, filler and foliage. At $95 you will receive approximately 80-90 stems in your chosen palette (palette options Include cool tones, warm tones or farm choice).


Weddings and events

We offer a range of wedding services to add seasonal and locally grown florals to your wedding. Our design style celebrates the seasons, with a wildflower and garden style feel. We do not offer roses or lilies. Many of our floral crops are annuals at this time. Snapdragon, cosmos, zinnia, peonies, rudbeckia, larkspur, celosia, sunflowers, dahlias, foxglove and lisianthus are just a few of our staple flower crops.

                                             Some of our wedding/event offerings:

  • Bouquets
  • Boutonnières
  • Corsages
  • Flower crowns
  • Floral dog collars
  • Ceremony pieces (Altar pieces, ground arches, centerpieces)
  • Edible flowers for dessert décor 
  • Hair Pieces

Some things to keep in mind about working with us:

·         If local, seasonal and sustainable fresh flowers are your priorities, that’s what we do best!

·         Flowers are seasonal. With access to globally imported flowers year-round through florists and grocery stores it can be easy to forget that different types of flowers are in season at different times. We are happy to chat with you about what might be in season for your event.

·         We are not a full-service florist. We are a small, local, diversified farm operation striving to help provide locally grown, sustainable flowers. Flowers are just a part of what we do. If you have a very specific floral vision for your ceremony and have your heart set on the details, call a local florist who can make that happen.


If you’re interested in working with us on flowers for your event, send us an email, we would love to chat about options, pricing and seasonality. 

- Kat Smith (Floral Lead)

- Ben and Hannah Wolbach Skinny Dip Farm

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*Our lisianthus is not eligible for organic certification. Lisianthus is a beautiful and commercially important cut flower that is extremely slow growing. Due to our choice to limit electrical and propane heating due to environmental concerns we have found this crop does not successfully start from seed for us. With limited availability of certified organic lisianthus plugs on the market, we source in conventionally grown plugs. Upon receiving the lisianthus plugs we rinse all conventional soil off their roots and repot them into our organic compost mix. Once the plants have had time to establish in our organic soil we transplant them into our unheated high tunnel, where they will be cared for using only organic methods.