Skinny Dip Farm is offering vegetable CSA shares for the 2024 summer/fall season. 

Pick up locations in Little Compton RI and Plymouth MA
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a distribution method in which customers sign up for a seasonal share of the harvest. Some farms call them shares, some call it a subscription but the idea is simple: for the heart of the growing season, 19 Weeks lasting from early June to mid October, we will grow and pick vegetables for you and your family.

The Basics:

When you join our CSA we are entering into a partnership. We become your farmers and you pledge to pick up your weekly share and pay in advance for the season. This provides us with early season funding (a lean time of year for us financially) and a committed core of customers that we can plan our season around.

Joining the CSA is a great way to wholeheartedly support our farm and commit to your and your family's health by eating lots of fresh organic vegetables.

 This is a "box CSA." we pack a mixed box of vegetables each week. We are careful to select a nice assortment for you, always including some salad items, and some items that are good for cooking, with a balance of common "staples" like carrots and onions, and a few odd-ball additions like garlic scapes and bok choy. If you are a picky eater, or don't eat much veggies, you may be happier shopping with us at our farmers markets. Or join our farm credit CSA 

2 Sizes to choose from:

A small share is a great choice for couples or a single vegetarian who loves to eat vegetables. Half shares cost $600 for the season and will typically includes 8 different vegetables.

A full share is for families of 3-5 (or 2 serious vegetable eaters). It will consist of enough veggies to be included with meals throughout the week. Full shares cost $775 for the season and will typically includes 11 different vegetables and larger amounts of certain items.

Low income shares: 
 In trying to keep our CSA as affordable as possible we are offering a low income option: $450 for a small share, or $625 for a full share. You may opt to pay that amount instead if you are low income, we ask that you pay the amount that feels right to you. If you would like to help subsidize a low income share, we offer a space on our sign up form for doing so. We also accept EBT, and HIP. If you want to know how to pay for your share with one of these methods, reach out and we can come up with a plan.

What's in a share:

Vegetables included in shares will range seasonally. Typically the season starts with lots of salad, leafy greens like spinach, kale and chard, sugar snap peas and scallions. Right around the time you're saying to yourself, "I signed on for this?" beets and carrots will be added in followed closely by squash, cukes and cherry tomatoes. Once tomato season starts we'll have many crops to choose from and we'll shift things up every week to keep it lively. In fall the shares grow heavier with potatoes, leeks, winter squashes and other root crops. It's probable that we'll send you with some things like kohlrabi or husk cherries, but we'll do our best to send a recipe along. Chances are you'll find a new favorite vegetable while also enjoying plenty of the usual staples.

We make a big effort to bring in crops early, but the very nature of farming, especially in New England, makes predicting harvest dates frustrating at best.

Joining our CSA is a great way to watch the season unfold and connect directly with nature's cycles. As it ripens in the field, you'll find it in your share.

Some sample shares:
We can't tell you accurately what will be in each week's share, but these lists are based on previous years offerings. 
week 7 (July 24): cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, a bag of pre-washed loose leaf lettuce, garlic, potatoes, yellow squash, kale for Small shares. Full shares get the above list, plus chard, onions and baby arugula. 
week 13 (September 4) tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, onions, potatoes, zucchini, arugula, spring mix, garlic for Small shares. Full shares get the above list, plus Asian eggplant, carrots and green beans,

Pick up days and locations:

We offer 2 pick up locations.

In Little Compton RI the pick up is at our home farm (85 Willow Ave) on Thursday any time between 11 am and 7 pm
In Plymouth MA pick up will be Thursday from 2:30-6 pm at the Plymouth Farmers Market (located at G Pub in West Plymouth)

Ready to sign up? ... click here to link to our membership form

More info and Q&A:

How do I keep in touch with what's going on at the farm?
 We send a weekly e-newsletter that includes a list of produce being offered that week with recipe links, pictures of the farm, and, as time allows, updates on how the season is going. 

What if I'm away on a pick up day?
We suggest either having someone else pick up for you or having someone else pick up and keep your share--they'll owe you big time. By special arrangement we can pack shares to bring to the Westport Farmers Market on Saturdays or for pick up at our home in Little Compton.

Is there risk involved in joining the CSA? What if it's another tomato blight year?
Yes, there is some risk, just like there is risk every time we put seeds in the ground. Some crops will do great and some will do poorly. Overall you can be assured that we will offer a good value in return, it just may not be in the form of whatever crop it is that we can't seem to grow to save our lives that year. When you sign on you'll be sharing in all the usual risks that farming involves, like tomato blight, and the fact that we might lose certain crops.

What is the value of what's in my share? Will I save money?
Yes, you will save some money when compared with shopping at the Farmers' Market. During the course of the season the share's actual dollar value will fluctuate a little, but will generally be above amount you have paid. If the rains are good and we're having a bountiful year, we'll pass some of that good fortune along with some extra value. If we're having a tough year you can still expect to receive the full value of your investment.

Do I have to pay all up front?
That is definitely our preference but we can be flexible if it is a matter of affordability. We're happy to come up with a payment schedule that will work with your budget. We just ask that you mark your calendars once we've set up a payment plan so that we don't have to chase you down for payment.

What if I just want a little produce, not even a half share's worth?
Option 1:shop us at the farmers' markets. You can choose as much or or as little of any item at the markets. We'll still love you. Option 2: Give produce away. It will make you very popular! Or split a share with a friend.   

What if I'm only a part time resident on the South Coast?
Partial season shares are available. Please contact us to inquire.

I only just found out about your CSA and its July, can I still join?
If there are shares still available we do accept new members on a rolling basis. Get in touch, we'll see what we can do.

Still have questions? Ask us at