Monday, April 4, 2011

A new addition to the farm

Our new tractor arrived yesterday!

 We've been shopping for a tractor for quite a while. It has been tough actually, as neither of us is a real tractor expert and it's the biggest investment we'll make this year. So what a relief to finally have it here. We bought a used Massey Ferguson 231 from a dealer in South Carolina and man are we ever excited that it wasn't an elaborate internet scam. We wired the money on Friday afternoon and, thanks to the trucker, Chris, we received the tractor on Sunday right around lunch time. Chris must not have slept much. The adventure for us was unloading it. Chris' rig did not have ramps so we had to call in Four Square towing to back their wrecker up to the truck and then back the tractor onto it. Luckily I did not see the difference in heights from the drivers seat and just did what I was told. Once on the wrecker, it was pulled up and the bed was tilted down so that I could drive right onto the ground and the tractor got it's first taste of life in Massachusetts.

 This tractor purchase was a long time coming! When we got married a little over two years ago we registered for a few things but made it clear that what we really wanted was money towards a tractor. So thank you all. It was made possible by our loving, generous friends and family. Now we just have to go and get the G, our other tractor that spent the winter back at Holly Hill Farm.