Thursday, May 19, 2011

New arrivals to the farm and the fields

Despite all the rain and grey weather we've been having, we're getting lots done at Skinny Dip Farm. We made a big push at the end of last week to get a lot of plants in the ground, including our early tomatoes, early summer squash, cucumbers and basil (all are covered with row cover to keep them a bit warmer. Good thing because it's been cool all week!) We also transplanted lots of flowers last week, and today we planted dahlia tubers. Last weekend we spread soil amendments and did secondary tillage in our two summer fields, so they are ready to go, which is good because our spring field is almost full of crops. We have lots of summer crops growing well in the greenhouse, getting ready for planting. As well as dozens of flats getting ready to be sold as seedlings. We're doing a plant sale in Plymouth MA on Saturday 5/28, and I think we'll also do one Sunday 5/29 in Westport... still figuring out details for the Sunday sale. 

On monday we took a road trip up to Holly Hill Farm (which we used to manage) to visit, as well as to pick up our other tractor, a 1952 Allis Chalmers G cultivating tractor. The good folks at Holly Hill were generous enough to let us store our tractor there all winter (and spring). We had to rent a trailer to get it to Westport, but it made the trip in one piece, and we think it's happy to be in its new home. It actually fits perfectly in the shed on the farm, thankfully, so we can keep it out of the weather.
Now we need to adjust the tire spacing on the G, so it will fit our bed spacing, and we'll be ready to cultivate. Exciting! We just bought this tractor off Craigslist last November, so we've never used it, and after farming the past five years at Holly Hill Farm without any mechanical cultivation, we are really fired up to do so serious mechanical cultivation! Plus, I've wanted an Allis Chalmers G since I was 16 years old, no joke!